M80 partners with health food company RawQ

15 December 2023


M80 RawQ partnership
(ESI Illustration) Image credit: M80

Esports organisation M80 has partnered with health food company RawQ, a collaboration that will see M80 support the development of a new line of gamer-tailored RawQ products.

Specialising in energy bars, RawQ was revealed as M80’s official performance bar partner.

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The announcement explained that the partnership was forged to promote ‘smarter, healthier dietary choices’ among the North American esports organisation’s fan bases and players.

As part of the deal, M80’s players are to serve as case studies for the impact of a focus on nutrition. Meanwhile, both companies will work together to educate gamers on prioritising health and wellness.

Additionally, M80 will assist in the development of a new line of RawQ products geared towards gamers as part of the partnership. There will also be a content series focused on the reinforcement of positive health habits.

This partnership follows a string of recent deals secured by M80. In November the organisation announced new collaborations with esports data and analytics company Shikenso Analytics and game platform Forge.

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The same month, international tennis star Daniil Medvedev joined M80 as a co-owner. Medvedev’s wife Daria Medvedeva is a Co-Founder and the COO of RawQ. The energy bar company has also worked with the tennis star in the past with the company having designed its bars to meet his specific nutritional needs. 

On the partnership, Marco Mereu, CEO and Co-Founder of M80, commented: “Esports competitors are athletes, but nutrition and wellness are often overlooked – despite being one of the key factors that separate good players from great ones.

“RawQ will be an indispensable partner in not only fueling our players and staff, but helping us keep nutrition top-of-mind for our fans.”

Lee Jones