Esports commercial veterans Dominic Müller and Marco Niemann co-found Bright Up Agency

18 January 2024


Image credit: Bright Up Agency

Dominic Müller, formerly of SPORTFIVE and Razer, has joined forces with ex-G2 Esports Head of Global Partnerships Marco Niemann to create a new esports agency called Bright Up Agency.

The new venture will focus on connecting esports, gaming, and entertainment stakeholders to both endemic and non-endemic brands, similar to the work both co-founders are known for.

Dominic Müller and Marco Niemann are very well-known both in the German esports and gaming scenes as well as the global esports ecosystem. Müller previously worked for marketing agency SPORTFIVE where he held the position of Senior Director of Global Partnerships for Esports and Gaming. Meanwhile, before his tenure at G2 Esports, Niemann held notable roles at ESL and Freaks 4U Gaming as Head of Global Sponsorship and VP of Commerical, respectively.

To bank on the success of both of its co-founders, the new company will be focused on facilitating partnerships and connecting brands both inside and outside of the esports and gaming industries. In a release, the company noted that its overarching goal is to “build long-term, credible, and strong partnerships that bring added value to both sides and the community.”

The new company will be supported by I3 Holding, a German holding company that interestingly owns German esports organisation Eintracht Spandau. Johannes Gorzel, Co-CEO of I3 Holding, noted that the company aims to free up the co-founders of Bright Up to focus on their core business and that the new venture is a joint project between the three parties.

Marco Niemann, Co-Founder of Bright Up Agency, commented on the agency’s launch: “When Dominic and I talked about this possibility, it quickly became clear that we have the same motivations and think very similarly. The fact that we have known each other for ten years and have always had a very trusting relationship made the decision even easier.”

Ivan Šimić
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