Challengermode and Shikenso launch esports engagement whitepaper

Image of Challengermode and Shikenso Analytics logos with white text above on blue background featuring esports crowd
Image credit: Challengermode, Shikenso Analytics

Esports tournament platform Challengermode and data analytics company Shikenso Analytics have published an esports whitepaper that focuses on engagement in the sector.

The 2024 ‘Playbook for Authentic Engagement in Competitive Gaming’ looks to provide brands and organisations with a guide on how to engage with esports audiences.

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The free-to-download whitepaper highlights the importance of authenticity when brands interact with the esports and gaming communities. The initiative from Challengermode and Shikenso also aims to provide ‘invaluable insights’ into creating strategies that capture the attention of audiences.

Alongside the importance of authenticity, the whitepaper focuses on long-term strategies instead of short-term campaigns. It also outlines key principles that brands should consider to create a lasting impression and integrate esports into wider marketing initiatives.

Challengermode possesses a wealth of esports industry experience having collaborated with several developers and tournament organisers. In January 2024, the tournament platform acquired assets from rival platform Stryda following the latter’s bankruptcy.

Shikenso Analytics continues to expand its portfolio of clients looking to monitor the performance of partnerships. In February 2024, the company secured a deal with North American organisation Team Liquid enabling it to better understand the effectiveness of ongoing activations. Some of Shikenso’s other partners include GIANTX, Fnatic, Ninjas in Pyjamas and BLAST Premier.

Philip Hübner, Chief Business Development Officer at Challengermode, spoke on the whitepaper: “In today’s esports world, authenticity isn’t a bonus—it’s essential.

“Through our ‘2024 Playbook,’ created with Shikenso Analytics, we’re guiding brands on how to genuinely connect with gamers. It’s not just about advertising; it’s about understanding and becoming a meaningful part of the gaming community. This whitepaper is our blueprint for building real, respectful, and impactful  relationships in competitive gaming.”

Jonno Nicholson
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