GRID and DATA.BET extend esports data partnership

02 February 2024


Image credit: GRID

Game data platform GRID has extended its partnership with esports data provider DATA.BET. 

The extension will see DATA.BET continue to utilise GRID’s platform to deliver real-time data feeds for esports titles such as Counter-Strike 2, Dota 2, League of Legends and more. 

Bayes Esports gambling sponsorship

Utilising GRID’s data capabilities, DATA.BET says it will also be able to offer greater esports betting offerings for its range of B2C and B2B partners — ranging from bookmakers to iGaming platforms. Some of DATA.BET’s notable partners include data company Bayes Esports and bookmaker GG.BET. 

Further details, such as the length of the extension, have not been revealed. 

This is DATA.BET’s first partnership of 2024. GRID, on the other hand, has secured two other partnerships this year with broadcast media company LTN and fantasy esports platform E-GO App. Late last year, GRID also secured a major partnership with game developer Riot Games, which included the publisher gaining an equity stake in the data platform. 

Alex Kozachenko, Chief Product Officer at DATA.BET, noted: “This strategic partnership allows us to continually enrich our products, providing high-quality data to now both B2C and B2B clients. The extensive access to GRID’s data platform enables us to deliver even more accurate and timely information, ensuring our clients stay ahead in the dynamic world of esports betting.”

GRID additionally noted that receiving data directly from suppliers enables DATA.BET to provide ‘premium-grade’ esports data products and offers clients real-time information.

Mikael Westerling, Chief Sales Officer at GRID, added: “DATA.BET commitment to continuous technological advancement position their esports betting products as an ideal environment for unlocking the full potential of esports data. Our shared values enable us to truly innovate in the esports betting space leveraging the granularity, speed, and reliability of official esports data feeds.” 

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