EMEA Masters 2024 formats revealed; Summer Finals to take place at LEC roadshow

emea masters 2024
Image credit: Riot Games

Game developer Riot Games has announced the details about the 2024 EMEA Masters Summer and Spring editions, two European tournaments that gather all the best teams in League of Legends’ regional leagues.

The Spring Split will continue with the same format under a shorter tournament duration, while the Summer Split will see a set of changes implemented.

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The EMEA Masters are the second-highest tournament in the European League of Legends calendar and is known as a good proving ground for players and organisations alike. Some teams, such as Team Heretics, won the EMEA Masters before going on to join the LEC.

The 2024 season will see its Spring Split remain mostly unchanged. The tournament will have 28 teams competing from April 15th to April 28th in three phases: play-in, group stage and playoffs. Riot did note that the competition will take place under a shorter time window due to “overall calendar restrictions”. As a result, there will be an increase in the amount of parallel matches taking place.

More significant changes will come during the Summer Split, with more teams competing in 2024. A total of 38 teams will featured during the three-stage tournament. First, 24 teams will compete in a Last Chance Qualifiers to see who enters the group stage. Riot did not share further format details but revealed that one to three teams will compete from each region and a total of three teams will go to the group stage.

The group stage will have a total of 16 teams, out of which 13 will qualify by winning their respective regions. Four groups of four teams will compete during this stage of the tournament, with the best eight advancing to the playoffs.

The finals will have a double elimination format, with the grand final and the lower bracket final being best of five, and all other matches best of three. Lastly, the Grand Finals will take place during the LEC Roadshow in Munich, Germany.

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