G2 Esports partners with shooter game Nyan Heroes

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Image credit: G2 Esports, Nyan Heroes

European esports organisation G2 Esports has partnered with upcoming hero shooter title Nyan Heroes.

As a result of the deal, the organisation will collaborate with developer 9 Lives Interactive to promote the game to a wider audience.

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The free-to-play shooter title entered the early access playtest on March 26th until April 9th. According to a release, Nyan Heroes has recorded ‘over 450,000 signups’ and is in the top ten wishlisted releases on the Epic Games Store.

By collaborating with G2 Esports, the developer plans on organising show matches involving the organisation and other participants. Details of other organisations partnering with 9 Lives Interactive haven’t been revealed.

Since launching in 2021, 9 Lives Interactive has built a studio comprising of personnel from Riot Games, Twitch, and Ubisoft. In March 2024, the studio secured $3m (~£2.3m) in funding which will be used to develop Nyan Heroes.

The deal sees a growing trend of developers and publishers partnering with esports organisations to promote the games. In November 2023, North American organisation XSET partnered with RoboSquad Revolution to launch a range of in-game items and to host sponsored tournaments. Last year, Team Liquid also teamed up with game developer Illuvium for its auto battler title Illuvium: Arena.

Nyan Heroes becomes the 17th partner of G2 Esports. The game joins the likes of Shikenso Analytics and fashion company Ralph Lauren on its extensive portfolio.

Donald Boyce, Head of Business Development at G2 Esports, spoke on the deal: “For G2 Esports, we’re always looking for exciting partners who are looking to shake things up, and 9 Lives Interactive is focused on creating new play experiences with game development as the first priority.

“We’re excited to be part of what they’re building with Nyan Heroes as they continue to innovate around competitive game types. We really believe in Max and his team and can’t wait to start this collaboration together.”

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