AT&T Annihilator Cup returns for 2024

25 April 2024


Disclaimer 25/04/24: AT&T has informed Esports Insider that one of the streamers originally mentioned in the press release will not be competing at the Annihilator Cup. As such, ESI has removed the name and updated the list.

AT&T Annihilator Cup returns for 2024
Image credit: AT&T

North American telecommunications company AT&T has announced the fourth edition of the AT&T Annihilator Cup.

Commencing May 2nd, 20 streamers and gaming personalities will compete in several games for a combined prize pool of $250,000 (~£199,813).

ESI London 2024

Hosted by gaming personality Ovilee May live from New York City, the event will feature content creators such as Emiru, Summit1G, DrLupo, Sydeon, TheSketchReal, Doublelift and more.

These streamers will compete across one of the four featured games every Thursday, including Fortnite (May 2nd), League of Legends (May 9th), Street Fighter 6 (May 16th) and Counter-Strike 2 (May 23rd).

In addition, AT&T has partnered with gaming influencer Jake Lucky, who will provide coverage to fans. The company has also announced talent that will provide commentary and analysis for the event. These include TheBestTaco and OliverBass (Fortnite), CaptainFlowers and Joushi (League of Legends), RIP and TastySteve (Street Fighter 6), and Scrawny and Launders (Counter-Strike 2).

According to Esports Charts, last year’s instalment of the Annihilator Cup peaked at 149,112 viewers. This year, AT&T is introducing Annihilator Cup Rewards, such as Twitch gift cards, game-specific items and gaming equipment, which will be given away to fans watching on the company’s channel.

Each weekly winner, as well as the overall tournament winner, will be awarded $10,000 (~£7,992) to be donated to a charity of their choice.

The event will be streamed across 26 channels, including AT&T’s official channels and community watch parties with creators like TimTheTatman.

Telecommunications company AT&T has been involved in the gaming and esports community for several years, having partnered with the likes of Evolution Championship Series (EVO) and ESL. Earlier this month, the company teamed up with esports organisation Tribe Gaming to convert an RV into a mobile gaming hub.

Mark Wright, VP of Media and Sponsorships, AT&T, commented on the upcoming Annihilator Cup: “We anticipate more than 100,000 esports fans around the world tuning into each week’s livestreams.

“So whether you play, watch, or do it all – we look forward to celebrating and connecting you with the games and communities you love during this year’s tournament.” 

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