Tribe Gaming and AT&T convert RV into mobile gaming hub

Tribe Gaming and AT&T mobile club house RV with Tribe Gaming and AT&T logos in foreground
Image credit: Tribe Gaming, AT&T

Mobile-focused esports organisation Tribe Gaming and telecommunications company AT&T have joined forces to convert an RV into a mobile gaming hub.

The Tribe Mobile Club House will be equipped with mobile devices for fans and the organisation’s content creators to compete in competitions.

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As part of the collaboration, AT&T will provide the mobile devices used within the Club House while Tribe Gaming will use the vehicle to display its trophies in addition to taking the vehicle to a range of events including TwitchCon and South by Southwest.

According to a release, the Club House will become Tribe Gaming’s ‘6th man’ and be used to transport the organisation’s players to events taking place across North America. In addition, the competitions that involve fans will include opportunities for participants to win prizes.

The creation of the Club House is one of several activations Tribe Gaming and AT&T have collaborated on since signing a partnership in July 2023. The multi-year deal includes AT&T branding on the player’s jerseys and across its network of content creators.

In the past, vehicles being converted to mobile gaming facilities has enabled organisations to provide a unique offering at in-person events. In August 2023, Danish esports organisation Astrails partnered with STARK to launch a travelling gaming truck.

Sean Smith, CEO of Tribe Gaming, spoke on the collaboration: “Together with AT&T we’re forging a new path and pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a mobile gamer.

“We are excited to see the crown jewel of our partnership come to life and to share it with gamers across the United States!” 

Jonno Nicholson
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