ALDI France strikes esports tracking deal with Shikenso Analytics

Shikenso Analytics x ALDI France
Image credit: Shikenso Analytics

The French branch of international supermarket chain ALDI has secured a deal with esports data and analytics platform Shikenso Analytics.

The partnership aims to measure ALDI France’s sponsor exposure in esports by using Shikenso Analytics’ AI partnership and stream monitoring tools.

ESI Lisbon 2024

ALDI France took its first step into esports by collaborating with Team Vitality, Solary and the LFL to develop dietary plans for professional esports players. The company partnered with Team Vitality in 2021 and subsequently renewed that partnership in 2024.

Since 2021, ALDI France has launched a women’s team with Team Vitality, sponsored Gentle Mates and created an amateur esports team initially entering Rocket League. The deal with Shikenso Analytics will aim to evaluate these partnerships and, in turn, optimise sponsorships going forward.

Shikenso Analytics is no stranger to these sorts of partnerships in esports. This year alone the company has secured or renewed six big partnerships including esports organisation G2, tournament organiser PGL and esports agency Bright Up Agency. Shikenso specialises in providing other companies with partnership and sponsorship analytics via AI and stream monitoring tools.

Benjamin Taouss, Sponsorship Manager at ALDI France, commented: “We are happy to work with Shikenso on the monitoring of our esport partnerships. Gaining additional insights will help us to measure our day-to-day activations and be able to understand the full potential of our esport assets.”

Dafydd Gwynn