RLCS viewership remains consistent following Major 2

RLCS London Major 2 2024 (Rocket League)
Image credit: Rocket League Esports

The RLCS 2024 Major 2 London has become the sixth most-watched RLCS event based on peak viewership.

The second Rocket League Major of 2024, which took place in London’s Copper Box Arena, recorded a peak viewership of 311,595, according to esports data platform Esports Charts. The peak viewership is similar to RLCS Spring Split Major 2023 which took place last July.

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The London RLCS Major, which is the third BLAST-run UK esports event in three weeks, had an average viewership 93,141 over its near 32 hour run time. The event follows the first 2024 RLCS Major in March, which became the second-most popular Rocket League event behind the 2022-23 World Championship.

The second Major was won by G2 Stride, the Rocket League division of multinational esports organisation G2 Esports. G2 Stride took down Saudi Arabian esports organisation Team Falcons in the Grand Final. Despite winning the event, G2 Stride was only the fourth most popular team according to hours watched (678,000) with the event’s runners-up Team Falcons being the most popular (959,000).

An American team may have won RLCS 2024 Major 2 London, but it was the French-language platforms that brought in the most viewers with a peak of 155,751. The English-language broadcasts were in close second with 141,915 peak viewers whilst Portuguese (15,329), Arabic (12,738) and Spanish (8,511) speaking streams all brought in smaller audiences.

Twitch continued to dominate the battle of the streaming services for the RLCS with a peak viewership of 271,177 compared to second place YouTube with just a peak of 34,328.

Whilst not quite living up to the viewership numbers from the first Major of this year, the similarity to last year’s Spring Split is a good sign for BLAST as it rebuilds the RLCS circuit.

Dafydd Gwynn