Ghost Gaming enters multi-game esports professional league UEL

ghost UEL
Image Credit: Ghost Gaming/UEL

Ultimate Endgamers League (UEL), a multi-game esports professional league, has announced a partnership with Atlanta-based esports organisation Ghost Gaming.

As a result, a new esports team called Georgia Ghost will join the league to compete for its $1m (~£781,000) prize pool. Georgia Ghost’s addition increases the total number of UEL teams to 14.

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Created five years ago, UEL is a unique tournament which focuses on communities that enjoy playing multiple games. Unlike other professional leagues, which are centred around one single game, the UEL rewards player and team skill across several genres and games, including fighting, shooting, racing, strategy and sports titles.

The latest Season 8 featured a $100,000 (~£78,000) Finals event on June 16th at District E in Washington, United States. A total of 33 games were available for selection, with a wheel deciding which games the teams — New Moon and Reapers — would play. The finals saw players from both teams play a variety of games such as VALORANT, Smash Bros., Yugioh, F1 23, NHL 24 and Fortnite among others.

Season 9 will begin with the Draft on July 27th. According to a release, the upcoming Season 9 will also offer player stipends and wellness benefits on top of its prize pool.

UEL Founder and CEO, Titus Walker, commented on its latest addition: “Partnering with Ghost Gaming allows us to expand our reach and support for talented gamers in Georgia and beyond. This collaboration will enhance our league’s diversity and competitiveness, and we look forward to seeing the impact of the Georgia Ghosts in our upcoming season.” 

Aside from competing in the UEL, Ghost Gaming will be identifying partner gaming venues across the Georgian state to host training camps and skills challenges to develop players across the southeast who aspire to join the UEL.

Outside of UEL, Ghost Gaming competes in titles such as Fortnite, Rocket League, Call of Duty, and VALORANT.

With a strong focus on partnerships in sports, music, lifestyle, and entertainment, Ghost has collaborated with beverage brand Sly, Georgia Public Broadcasting and eyewear retailer Zenni Optical. Last year, it also closed a partnership with technology company ggCircuit to create the Scholastic Esports Innovation Center, to research and develop new technology focused on scholastic esports.

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