Exclusive Interview: The details behind Celebrity Esports’ CES Superstar League

As esports continues to develop and grow, organisations, tournament operators and publishers have prioritised attracting a mainstream audience. Over the last couple of years, publishers have struck deals with traditional media...

Diversity in Brazilian esports: An interview with CBLOL’s new talent

The CBLOL, Brazil's top-tier League of Legends competition, now has three female casters. For the 2021 season, CBLOL Academy will have Maria 'Fogueta' Julia, Layze 'Lahgolas' Brandão and Ravena Dutra (known simply...
North logo with Nordic stylized lion head insignia and rune-like type face

The state of the funding market for esports organisations in 2021

Coming as a surprise to many, Nordisk Films and Parken Sport & Entertainment decided to cease operations of the Danish esports organisation North on Friday, February 5th.  Nordisk and PS&E also own...
Akshat Rathee

NODWIN Gaming MD on the rise of PC esports in India

In recent years, South Asia has positioned itself as one of the bigger mobile gaming markets. The now-banned PUBG Mobile helped usher in a new era of gaming and esports culture...
Team Singularity Esports Academy

Star search: A look inside the Team Singularity Esports Academy

Danish esports organisation Team Singularity launched its own talent academy in December alongside machine-learning platform Pluck GG. In less than a month, the academy has attracted over 3,000 members that are...

The sober Dutch approach to esports

The vicious slash of 2020 didn’t quite find the achilles tendon of esports, but even the largest event of the largest esport, League of Legends Worlds, moved with a visible limp;...
BTS Vitality

Exclusive interview: Bayes Esports becomes exclusive data partner of Beyond The Summit

German esports data company Bayes Esports has been named the exclusive data partner of tournament organiser Beyond The Summit (BTS). Bayes has acquired the in-game data rights for seven BTS events in...
GEEIQ team

GEEIQ: Key considerations for brands when picking an esports partner

At present, the esports industry is rejoicing in the abundance of sponsorships, partnerships and campaigns emerging daily. The ever-increasing popularity of gaming is making esports attractive not only to wider audiences,...
Turquoise Branding MY.GAMES

The core principles of branding applied to esports: Turquoise

More than just having moved 'out of the basement', esports organisations have rapidly matured, and their business models have evolved alongside the industry’s growth in recent years. To symbolise these changes,...
Guild Esports

Exclusive: Guild Esports Executive Chairman on 2021 ambitions and financial results

This morning (Friday, January 29th), British esports organisation Guild Esports (LSE: GILD) announced its results for the previous financial year. The publicly listed company announced a loss before tax of £2.7m. The...