9 July 2019 | Brighton
Hi-Rez Studios
ESI Summer Forum is a one day B2B event taking place in the seaside city of Brighton on the 9th July 2019, in partnership with Skillshot Media and Develop:Brighton.
ESI Summer Forum is a one day B2B event taking place in the seaside city of Brighton on the 9th July 2019, in partnership with Skillshot Media and Develop:Brighton.



The ESI Summer Forum – Presented by Skillshot Media is a full afternoon of esports discussions and debates taking place at Hi-Rez Studios in Brighton during Develop Conference.

100+ Delegates
25+ Leading industry speakers
5+ Panels, workshops and debates
Plenty of networking, great food and drinks and an after-party


ESI Summer Forum – Presented by Skillshot Media – 9th July 2019 (2 – 7.30pm) 
A full afternoon of debate, discussion, education and networking 

ESI Summer Forum is a one day B2B event taking place in the seaside city of Brighton on the 9th July 2019, in partnership with Skillshot Media and Develop:Brighton.
It will include an afternoon of interactive and debate-worthy sessions yet to be defined.
Panel sessions, a keynote and round-tables, coupled with great food and drinks and a full afternoon of networking, there’s plenty to get your teeth into if you work in or around the esports industry, or indeed if you want to learn more about it. Taking place at the UK home of publisher Hi-Rez Studios, the independent game developer best known for SMITE and Paladins. 


Top Industry


Esports & Sports Team


Who attends

  • Esports organisations30%
  • Suppliers & Service Providers30%
  • Media15%
  • Sports Clubs & Leagues10%
  • Regulatory bodies, Betting companies and others10%
  • VCs & Investors5%


ESI Brighton is a must-attend event for anyone interested in or currently doing business in esports around the world.

One day jam-packed full of content with panels and round-tables, networking and mentorship opportunities.
We ensure attendees get value for money with an interesting and thoroughly curated agenda. We’ll provide ample place and time for sponsors and partners to help learn, guide, and partner-up with fresh talent and entrepreneurs in the esports space. We’ll close off with one of our trademark closing parties that you’ve all come to love.

ESI Brighton takes place during the highly sort after Develop conference and provides the perfect esports add-on to the development centric content.


ESI Brighton opens the doors to the esports entrepreneurs of the world while simultaneously capturing the intent of esports fans and businesses. This is a phenomenal opportunity to showcase your business and to promote it as a leader within, supporter and partner of the industry as it continues to grow.

This event will offer a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor on all aspects related to the business of esports from looking after and management of players to marketing, merchandising, building a brand, fan engagement, and more. ESI will bring together the decision makers at the world’s top teams, tournament organisers, brands, bookmakers, suppliers, investors, professional service providers, sports clubs, media and more.

  • Brand awareness to a targeted crowd of decision makers across esports, and connected industries
  • Be known as a leader in the space to the full sphere of stakeholders
  • Support the burgeoning esports industry and ensure people know who you are, and what you can offer
  • Gain extensive support from the full Esports Insider network on your journey in esports. This includes content and promotion on one of the leading industry news portals globally, support on social channels, real-life connections and plenty more

For more information and to get involved: [email protected]

ESI HOF 2019
ESI London was a great opportunity to connect and knowledge share with members of the esports community and industry. It was great to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing esports as it continues to grow from strength to strength.  As more traditional brands attempt to enter this space and navigate through the complexities of the landscape, being able to discuss these important issues in an open forum is hugely valuable as everyone in this space continues to shape the future of esports.
Julian Tan - 
Head of Digital Business Initiatives and Esports, Formula 1
We feel that it's really important to keep educating people, brands and agencies on esports. ESI creates the right environment and brings the relevant person to the table to achieve exactly that; I'm looking forward to be part of their events for the years to come!
Nicolas Maurer - 
CEO, Team Vitality
ESI Birmingham was by far one of the best networking opportunities I have had. The wide range of speakers and topics covered really gives a huge insight into the world of Esports. I can honestly say that without ESI events, I wouldn’t have made so many connections. I had the opportunity to gain exclusive backstage access to the biggest UK esports event. It was a fantastic experience which I would not of had without attending this ESI event. Professional, reliable, networking.
Callum Scott - 
National Events Manager, The Rank Group
Quite simply, ESI, that is both the site and their events, is a great place to promote your brand while also connecting with leaders in the industry.
Kirsty Endfield - 
Founder, Swipe Right PR
ESI London represents a great opportunity for us, as a leading esports solutions provider, to be present and contribute to the conversation and to then positively influence the thinking of others who are learning more about the space.
Martin Wyatt - 
Head of Global Partnerships, Gfinity
I really enjoyed my time at ESI London. In addition to some informative expert panels, it was a great networking opportunity. I hope to return again next year!
Jason Lake - 
CEO, Complexity Gaming
Thank you to the ESI team for giving us the opportunity to speak at ESI Birmingham. It was a fantastic event providing an invaluable amount of insight on esports, which is testament to the strength of ESI's relationships within the esports industry. We are looking forward to the next event already!

14:00 - 14:10
Opening Remarks

Opening remarks from the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Esports Insider, Sam Cooke.

14:10 - 14:45
10 things we learned about esports with SMITE

How & why we used video content marketing and esports infrastructure to help grow SMITE to over 30 million players with over $8M in prize money awarded to date. Game developers and publishers should take away specific learnings to apply toward their own competitive multiplayer titles.

A Keynote from Todd Harris, President, Skillshot Media

14:50 - 15:30
PR in esports

The esports PR landscape has grown and improved considerably over recent years, with organisations and brands recognising the importance of it. But how does it differ in esports compared to other industries?

Kirsty Endfield - Founder - Swipe Right PR
Nicola Piggott - Co-Founder - The Story Mob
Ravi Vijh - Account Director - Bastion
Kathryn De Shields-Moon - PR - Skillshot Media

Thomas Bideaux - CEO - ICO Partners

15:40 - 16:10
Can you force an esport?

Esports generally are born from a community's drive to play a game competitively. Games built without esports in mind, however, face challenges implementing spectator tools and replay systems retrospectively - so should devs be looking for esports from the get-go?

16:10 - 16:40
Why should publishers work with third party TOs?

With the rise of big money franchise leagues it's easy to forget the importance of an open ecosystem and how it works so well across a multitude of titles. How can working with a third party TO benefit a game and help foster a healthy esports title?

Ronald Pompa - Head of Product - FACEIT
Todd Harris - President - Skillshot Media
Nikita Buffee - Esports Business development and partnerships - Allied Esports
Jon Winkle - Managing Director - epic.LAN

Ollie Ring - Head of Biz Dev & Media - ESI

16:50 - 17:20
Meet an esports legend - Q&A with Paul "Redeye" Chaloner

Paul "Redeye" Chaloner is a name synonymous with esports. Hear more about his full service agency, Code Red Esports as well as having a chance for a Q&A with a true esports legend.

17:30 - 19:30
Open Bar

Courtesy of Skillshot Media and Hi-Rez Studios


Hi-Rez Studios
21-23 Dyke Rd



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