Wings wins TI6 & biggest cash prize in esports

15 August 2016


The winners of TI6 Wings Gaming has earned itself the biggest prize in esports history to the tune of $9.1m (£7m) after beating North American side Digital Chaos in the final.

The Chinese team won 3-1 in the final to cap off an amazing tournament which few, if any, had expected them to win.

In fact both of the teams in the grand final had been major underdogs yet Wings managed to see off the likes of MVP Phoenix and Evil Geniuses en route whilst Digital Chaos beat EHOME, Fnatic and Evil Geniuses amongst others.

Digital Chaos went the lower bracket route meaning they had to play two more games to reach the final. Despite losing they still went home with $3.3m (£2.5m).

The building of the International’s prize pool is a lengthy process involves crowdfunding via the purchase of in-game items on Dota 2. This is the first year in which it reached in excess of $20m.

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