Gamblit launches esports platform at G2E Vegas

26 September 2016


Darion Lowenstein, Gamblit

There’s a lot of interest around casinos and esports right now and Gamblit Gaming has subsequently unveiled its G-Sports platform at this year’s G2E in Las Vegas. 

The California based firm has partnered with the likes of Caesars Entertainment and PikPok in recent months as it looks to bring skill based games to casinos to give them a shake up and attract a younger demographic. The company is working with Pikpok to bring some of its games to casinos, and it has been revealed that zombie killing Into The Dead and racing title Breakneck will hit casinos in 2017.

Speaking to Gamesbeat Darion Lowenstein, Chief Marketing Officer of Gamblit Gaming, stated: “Our mission is to bring arcades back to life and bring a new style of game to the casino floor.”

The G-Sports platform will look to bring esports content to land based casinos but Gamblit has said that its content will not be ‘gamblified’ but set to fee entry on a time based tournament. Players will compete on a leaderboard which will be updated in real time. EQ Games title Road Redemption will be the initial G-Sports game, in which players must defeat other bike gangs in a post-apocalyptic America. 

Due to the need for regulatory clearance Gamblit’s games will not be available on its casino TriStations until early 2017.

Lowenstein commented on the long term plan: “Once people are used to playing these games and putting $20 down, we’ll be able to bring more of the sophisticated games into the TriStations.

“For now, we want people to feel like they can walk up to a game they don’t know and have a chance to win.”

Esports Insider says: Fast and fun games such as Road Redemption should fare well in a casino environment. It’ll be interesting to see how they bring in other genres and which prove the most popular.