Team Liquid announce new monitor partnership with AOC

20 September 2016


It’s fair to say that Team Liquid have been busy this week. The organisation announced their new partnership with Crunchyroll, revealed their new Dota 2 roster and most recently revealed that their new monitor partner will be AOC.

Team Liquid’s founder and co-owner Victor “Nazgul” Goossens added:

“Liquid and AOC both value player performance and conditions, and we are proud to add a partner who sees eye to eye with us regarding esports.”

AOC design, build and retail monitors across three main categories: entertainment, creative and office. The entertainment category houses their high specification monitors which are aimed at the top end of competitive gaming. It’s vital not to underestimate the importance of a high quality monitor in top-tier esports. Most noteworthy is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which remains the most reaction heavy title of the big esports titles. The recent emergence of 144 Hz monitors has set the standard for the industry and every tournament will be expected to house them in the future.

In a release on the AOC gaming website, the company state: “Each of our models is built to cater to the needs of highly competitive gamers and esports-enthusiasts. With high refresh rates and low response times, they have been popular at various gaming tournaments and are now being welcomed with open arms into the homes and boot camps of Team Liquid players.”

It’s far from AOC’s first foray into partnerships in the esports realm. Existing relationships include Red Instinct, Silent Gaming, Team Infused and Gunrunners. It looks as if they’ve swapped one truly global esports brand for another, with Natus Vincere no longer appearing to be sponsored by the Chicago based display company.