Azubu fails to pay Brazilian and SEA streamers

29 November 2016


Streaming company Azubu has come under fire this morning as it’s been revealed by PVPLive that they have failed to pay streamers for three months, if not longer. 

Credit: Azubu

A representative of an eastern hemisphere team provided transcripts of a conversation with one of Azubu’s regional partnership managers – admitting the following:

  1. Azubu has repeatedly failed to secure expected funding in 2016.
  2. Payments made after securing funding were made in preference to “bigger” streamers. Smaller streamers with an unpaid backlog were deliberately ignored.
  3. Investments in developing markets from Azubu have not worked out as expected, forcing withdrawal from such territories.

According to PVPLive, this is a sentiment echoed by a Brazilian source. Even some of the biggest streamers have seen delays of two months or more and Azubu have stayed silent when those streamers have enquired.

Azubu has had a track record of failing to provide payment, with “LazerChicken”, co-founder of Splyce confirming they were never paid for a tournament they competed in as long as eight months ago. 

Esports Insider says: It looks like it could just be a matter of time before another streaming platform falls at the wayside. I struggle to see who will continue to use Azubu if their track record is simply appalling in providing payments. Competing with Twitch has seen many a company struggle and this is no different.