Esports theatre opened by centertec in Pennyslvania

01 November 2016


Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne, Pennyslyvania now boasts an esports theatre in addition to its VR gaming HQ courtesy of centertecLogo

Daniel Taylor, Co-Founder of centertec said: “Esports have arrived in the USA. eSports is now at centertec and it’s growing, and we have the numbers to prove it.”

Liz Hoy, centertec Oxford Valley store manager said in a statement: “The massive growth of esports into a multi-billion dollar market in just the last few years has been largely ignored in the USA.”

Eden Walace, Director of Marketing at centertec added: “centertec is the first and only place for social VR gaming and now with our esports theater, there’s nowhere else gamers will need to go.”

With the demand for VR social gaming and esports predicted to continue, centertec also intends to offer franchise opportunities in 2017.  It currently offers gamers over 70 VR games, and will begin hosting esports tournaments beginning in the first quarter of 2017.

Reservations for VR gaming are are available for $30 per person per hour, and you can read more here.

Esports Insider says: Whilst we wouldn’t agree that esports is still being largely ignored in the States, the more theatres such as this that open the better to facilitate local communities to meet up socially and encourage the growth of esports at a local level.