Canal Esport Club to broadcast the European Final of the FUT Championship Series

31 January 2017


French Broadcaster Canal has announced that it will show the European Finals of the FUT Championship Series on Canal Esport Club before broadcasting a tournament highlights show on Canal + Sport the day after. 

The Canal Esports Club will broadcast the European Finals on Saturday 4th February on their Twitch channel – before showing a highlight show on TV channel Canal + Sport on 5 February. 

Canal Esport
Credit: Canal Esport Club

The tournament will see 32 of the best players gathering in Paris to compete for their share of the $100,000 (£80,000) prize pool and the arguably bigger prize, progression onwards in the series. As the video above shows, the series has a total of $1.3m(£1m) to be awarded in prize money.

Esports Insider says11.55pm on a Sunday night is a bit of an undesirable time for a highlight show – but hey, it’s exposure right? The tournament itself should be a great watch with some of the biggest names in FIFA set to compete.