Facebook Live exclusivity deal for Heroes of the Dorm

27 January 2017


In the latest news from Facebook Live it has been reported that the exclusive rights to Heroes of the Dorm is its latest signing. 

Blizzard revealed that Heroes of the Dorm would be returning for its third year but that would be viewers and Heroes of the Storm fans would only be able to watch via the social media king’s new feature. It’s a novel competition with the winning team receiving not money as such but a grant towards college tuition fees.

You can watch the introductory video, on Youtube not Facebook as it happens, below:

This year will see Blizzard party ways with $500,000 (£396,000) in prizes and scholarships. In the past the coverage has been on ESPN, but with exclusive streaming deals the talk of the town right now Facebook moved to secure its slice of the pie. This year has already seen YouTube gain the exclusive rights to the ESL Pro League Season 5. 

Heroes of the Dorm will get underway in February and run until April 8th.

Esports Insider says: Facebook has been making plans to gain a grander market share of esports broadcasts for some time now, as has Youtube. More exclusive deals will inevitably follow these too.