APE links up with creative ad agency modop

13 February 2017


Los Angeles-based creative digital agency modop has today revealed a new partnership with the Agency for Professional Esports (APE), a talent agency for professional esports players. 

Jason Moore, APE

The conditions of this agreement will see modop utilise APE’s client roster ‘to facilitate brand activations and create engaging campaigns that expand brands’ messaging and outreach to the audiences of esports influencers’. On the client list of modop is the likes of EA, Intel, Sony Playstation, NBCUniversal, Warner Brothers and more. 

Jason Moore, President of APE stated: “Professional gamers are the next generation of athletes. Children whose parents had Michael Jordan, David Beckham and Tiger Woods are looking at esports athletes in the same way, as future sports celebrities.

“Recognising this unique vision, we are working with modop to help connect brands with this valuable audience in the most human way possible.”

Founded in partnership with veteran League of Legends player Alberto “Crumbz” Rengifo and Jason Moore APE entered the arena last year as an agency focused on esports athletes. Its particular area of focus is on helping connect esports pros with non-endemic market opportunities and sponsorships. Moore’s past affiliations, he was once President of Paris Hilton Entertainment, help in this regard. 

President of modop Jeff Suhy said: “Modop is always looking at trends that are emerging over the next 12 months to help our clients get ahead of the curve in breaking through the clutter to reach new audiences quickly and efficiently, and APE’s roster provides a palette of unique personalities with huge followings that are perfect for our roster of brands.”

Esports Insider says: Linking up the world of esports with an agency which has worked with the likes of E!, Nike, and more should ensure esports pros represented by APE get some serious sponsorship opportunities.