IFTTT offers a helping hand to Twitch users

24 February 2017


Linden Tibbets, IFTTT

Whether you stream on Twitch or watch others that do, this one might be of interest. 

IFTTTa provider of automated applets for a wide variety of functions, has created a Twitch channel. When it comes to esports and Twitch, probably the main function in which they could be used to make life a little easier is two fold. For broadcasters you’ll be able to set up an applet which posts automatically and lets your followers on social know when you’ve started a stream or put up a new video. 

For viewers meanwhile you’ll get a note when a channel you follow goes live or uploads a new video. There are plenty more personalisation options beyond this too. 

IFTTT CEO Linden Tibbets told Esports Insider: “At IFTTT, we want to empower people to do more with the services they love. Twitch’s passionate users are the perfect fit for Applets: there are thousands of ways they can use Applets to discover, share, and enjoy all of the amazing content from broadcasters.

“We’re excited to see what happens when people from two creative communities, IFTTT and Twitch, combine.”

Esports Insider says: It’s a small thing but could provide a helping hand especially to streamers who’ve got a lot on their plates. Allowing them an automated option to ensure that as many people as possible know when they’ve started a stream or uploaded a video could make a difference.