has become the latest ESIC member

31 March 2017


The Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) has a new member in the form of

Marco Cuesta, firstblood

A blog post on the FirstBlood site said as follows:”FirstBlood will benefit from this partnership by helping to create shared standards for esports competitions and the sharing of information between ESIC members. This open sharing of information will allow us to be on the same page with game publishers, hardware developers, and regulators as we develop our platform.

“Likewise, these standards will discourage and prevent toxic players from interacting with our platform by mandating clearly defined punishments for offenders and restricting access to repeat offenders.”

We interviewed Marco back towards the end of last year following a major round of investment in the company. The esports blockchain focused platform, which is built on Ethereum, raised over £4.7m. As for ESIC we’ve been tracking them for some time and we remain big supporters of the excellent work the not-for-profit organisation is doing in the space.

Other members of ESIC include the likes of ESL and DreamHack alongside betting partners such as Pinnacle, Unikrn, Betway, eBettle and fantasy platform Esports Pools. Sportradar, who partnered with DOJO Madness not too long ago, are another key partner and there are the likes of GameCo from the casino industry amongst others. It’s a high calibre list and, importantly, a list which is growing by the month. 

Over in Vegas ESIC is now putting on monthly summits for stakeholders in the space, as Sin City sets about establishing itself as the premier esports location globally. It certainly has the capacity to do so, not to mention the money behind it too. As many major casinos are now entertainment venues first and foremost, they’re looking for ways to get a younger generation through their doors and esports is one key avenue they’re exploring.

The grand opening of Millennial Esports’ downtown dedicated esports venue in the Neonopolis is one example of why Vegas is well placed.

As for what FirstBlood will offer ESIC, the blog read: “ESIC will be able to benefit from FirstBlood by observing the advantages of an Ethereum app that logs trusted data on an incorruptible blockchain. Pertinent information like match results, financial transactions, and social interactions can be use to identify toxic behavior without compromising an individual’s personal information.

“These improvements are made possible using our Witness Node System and Jury Voting Portal (JVP). This technology has a massive potential to strengthen esports integrity because of its decentralized, automated, and highly scalable design.”

Esports Insider says: This is further proof of the exhaustive and sweeping moves ESIC is making to ensure integrity across esports, and in doing so ensure that all of the segments of the industry are covered. FirstBlood is the latest good addition to the team, but it won’t be the last.