ArcaneBet becomes headline sponsor of the Balkan Pro League

20 April 2017


GameAgents has partnered with ArcaneBet to host the second season of the Balkan Pro League which will have $3,500 on the line. 

The CS:GO competition gets underway on the 26th of April and will last for six weeks with more than 50 matches taking place. It’s now part of a wider project titled the ‘GameAgents Euroleague’. The general format (round robin and play-offs) will remain the same as in the previous season but something new is the Open League. This will see all teams that failed to qualify for the Pro League given a second chance to participate and fight for two spots in the Pro League next season.

Tim Hurks, ArcaneBet CEO, told ESI: “We at ArcaneBet are glad to be involved with this tournament and see it as an opportunity to give back to the community by partially funding the prize pool and thus enabling esports to become an even stronger phenomenon in the region.”

He continued: “CS:GO is by far the most popular game and we were delighted to be contacted by Game Agents to help make the Balkan Pro League a serious competition. With their experience and expertise, we strongly believe that this tournament will be yet another success story!

“We hope that a number of as yet unknown esport teams see this tournament as an opportunity to put their name out their and get the ball rolling by signing up for the open qualifiers.”

Invited teams include Outlaws, Nexus, exDarkPassage, Sensei GG, Binary Dragons and MK. This Pro League season will form a part of the wider GameAgents Euroleague which will incorporate eight regional leagues, though the Euroleague itself will not take place until 2018. 

GameAgents CEO Aleksandar Gligoric commented: “We are happy to start the new season of Balkan ProLeague this time with help of ArcaneBet. Last season went really well and showed that this competition is the most important one in the region in terms of developing teams and the scene.

“We are glad that ArcaneBet showed interest, and we are sure that going forward it will prove a great partnership.”

Esports Insider says: Last year the Balkan Pro League was sponsored by Vital Bet and it now has another bookmaker on board in the form of ArcaneBet. Last year’s victorious team was iNation, the Serbian team has since been signed by Binary Dragons so they’ll be the team to watch out for once the league gets underway.