Gfinity Elite Series delayed – future date yet to be announced

Gfinity Plc has announced that the Elite Draft and thus Elite Series will not take place until a later date. The Elite Draft was supposedly set to begin on Friday, yet they revealed in a post that this would now not be the case.

The London based company that plays host to the capital’s only dedicated ‘esports arena’ has dressed the move up as an extension to the Challenger Series, the first part of the three tiered initiative that eventually culminates in the Elite Series. 

Whereas that may be the case, there’s a number of sceptics out there and with only five of the eight Elite Series teams announced to date there’s a strong argument that Gfinity simply aren’t ready to take their tournament further than the first stage at this moment in time. 

The brief announcement reads as follows:

“The first season in the Gfinity Challenger Series is now in full swing, with thousands of regular players competing for cash and G-Points across Street Fighter V, CS:GO and Rocket League.

We have a number of exciting announcements brewing and as soon as “the suits” get through the paperwork, we will share all the details with you. 

In the meantime, to give all players the best chance of qualifying for the Season 1 Elite Draft, we are extending the Challenger Series. Cups will continue to run with cash prizes and G-points up for grabs, so don’t miss out.

We’ll also be sharing start and end dates for the Gfinity Elite Draft and Elite Series shortly.”

Esports Insider says: 5/8 teams announced, no further information on dates and many still aren’t fully sold on the idea. After a flurry of announcements initially, it’s all gone a bit quiet on the Elite Series side. Hopefully it picks up again soon and the anticipated announcements are as exciting as they’re billed to be.