MotoGP 17 to embrace esports with MotoGP Championship

MotoGP 17, a game set to release on 15th June 2017 has revealed that it will introduce the “MotoGP eSport Championship”, exclusive to the PS4 platform. 

The limited information suggests that the tournament will give players the chance to challenge the best playerso ut there and compete in a grand final set during the Gran Premio Motul de la Comunitat Valenciana, where “valuable” prizes will be up for grabs. 

The path to the finals has been vaguely outlined as follows: 

  1. Beat a pre-determined time in the Red Bull Rookies Cup, Moto3 and Moto2 categories thus gaining access to the online challenges. It also suggests that players must submit times for all of the listed categories, and if an exceptional time is submitted, the player could gain direct access to the online challenges.
  2. Compete in seven challenges, set in specific circuits and with pre-determined conditions where only the best players will gain a spot in the grand finals. 
  3. Compete in the grand finals, set in Valencia and be crowned the champion. 

Thus far this is the little information that has been provided. The “MotoGP eSport Founding Partners” does list some big names that otherwise have not been traditionally associated with esports. Whether or not it’s merely an extension on existing MotoGP sponsorship is debatable but it includes watch manufacturer Tissot, Cashback World, Red Bull, Casa Tarradellas, Movistar and Michelin.

If one thing’s for sure, there’s scant detail revealed on this potential esports championship. It’s another sport game adding a competitive layer and it may well help support the MotoGP game platform and help it grow. The layout of the competition doesn’t necessarily scream esports as it seems that you’re not actually directly competing against anyone, but just posting times. Nevertheless, it’s a great opportunity for avid MotoGP players to head to Valencia and win some great prizes.

Esports Insider says: We’ll wait until we hear more detail but this can only be good news for those that love MotoGP.