Esports recruitment and management platform DreamTeam to launch beta in September

22 August 2017


Alexander ‘ZeroGravity’ Kokhanovskyy, founder of Natus Vincere and co-owner of ESForce has announced DreamTeam, an esports recruitment and management platform for amateur, semi-professional and professional teams. 

Alex Kokhanovskyy

The beta will be launched in September 2017, and will be based on blockchain and will “foster trust and transparency, particularly through smart contracts”. The driver behind the creation of such a platform is apparent. The driver behind the venture is the sheer amount of players registered to the top esports titles, and the comparatively small amount of esports organisations in comparison. 

DreamTeam believe that one of the reasons for the disparity in the ratio of players to clubs is the barrier to entry when it comes to building and managing a new team — which is what the new platform aims to address. It will provide an all-in-one solution for gamers who want to build, grow, manage and monetise their team. The release provides three main functions:

  • Recruitment Network and Database: An extensive database providing information on players, teams, coaches, managers and practice games and tournament performance.
  • Fast pipeline to pro: Machine learning algorithms will determine a player’s current skill level, match those players with other “team-building” gamers, enabling the player to develop. 
  • Club growth tools: DreamTeam will offer tools for team management, coaching, analysis, scouting, media and marketing. 

“With 17 years of esports experience I personally progressed from amateur player, to semi-professional, to professional CS:GO player, and then to team captain, coach, manager and CEO. Wearing all of these hats gave me the unique perspective of the challenges players and teams face. By removing the barrier to entry, I am confident that the launch of DreamTeam will lead to a hundreds of thousands of new clubs and teams in upcoming years, and will significantly increase esports market revenue and viewership. We have a unique opportunity to forever change the landscape of  the industry and make esports the number one sport on the planet.” said DreamTeam CEO, Alexander Kokhanovskyy.

By using the aforementioned blockchain and smart-contracts technology, DreamTeam’s aim is to foster and build a multi-billion dollar ecosystem on the platform thorough media right sales, sponsorships, players salaries, and prize money, all of which will be paid in DreamTeam Token, a dedicated Token currency. 

It’s not Kokhanovskyy’s first foray into crpyto either, with another project he’s heavily involved in.

Esports Insider says: Interesting move, again revolved around the world of crypto. We’ll keep a keen eye out on how the beta goes and how the latest venture unfolds. Should it achieve its goals, it could be fundamentally change the esports ecosystem.