Come and explore the future of esports in Nevada this October

19 September 2017


It’s no secret that Las Vegas has its eye on esports. In fact, the city has ambitiously set its sights on becoming the entertainment hub for esports globally. With the infrastructure the city has in place, the financial clout of the casinos and the investments in the past year, it could well have a claim in the future but for now, there remain a number of issues to work through. 

Ian Smith, ESIC

At the 3rd Future of Esports in Nevada Summit on October 16th, there’ll be six knowledge sessions discussing topics in and around growing esports in Nevada. This will be the first of these Summits open to the public. 

A joint effort by ESIC and the Nevada Esports Alliance, presented by Las Vegas Convention and Visitors’ Authority, the one day event will have a key note from Katie Simmonds, Director of Governance and Financial Integirty at ICSS Insight. She’ll be talking attendees through the lessons traditional sports can learn from esports, and vice versa.

There’ll also be sessions exploring what teams want from Nevada, what game publishers want from Nevada courtesy of Millennial Esports CEO Alex Igelman, what we can learn from nightlife and clubs by Ronn Nicolli of Wynn Nightlife.

To close there’ll also be sessions from esports venues by Judd Hannigan of Allied Esports and Chris Grove, of Eilers and Krejcik Gaming, who will discuss the important topic of how attendees can take what they’ve learnt from the day and put it into actionable steps. 

ESIC Commissioner Ian Smith told Esports Insider: “Back in November 2016, as the Gambling Policy Committee decided to allow betting in Nevada on esports events, the Governor endorsed the ambition of Las Vegas to become the esports capital of the world. The original point of the Nevada Summits, going back to February 2017, was to get all the relevant stakeholders talking so that everyone understood where everyone else was coming from, what their agendas were and, most importantly, how they might work together to accelerate the growth of esports in Nevada to everyone’s benefit.

“In February and June we had private meetings involving venues, publishers, tournament organisers, sports betting operators and regulators, academics and tech people. This 3rd Summit, the first open to the public, will continue that objective by increasing everyone’s broader knowledge through a great speaker lineup and networking opportunities. The speakers and delegates come from within and from outside the Nevada esports circle, so what will be discussed will have application across the esports ecosystem in North America and I have no doubt everyone who attends will get something useful out of it.”

You can read more about the event and secure tickets here.

Esports Insider says: With ESIC involved we’ve no doubt this will prove a strong event. The focus on Las Vegas will make it more interesting than your typical run-of-the-mill esports business conference, especially for those based in North America.