Heroes of the Dorm offers $1,000,000 to anyone who predicts entire bracket

22 March 2018


Blizzard Entertainment‘s Heroes of the Dorm – a college tournament played on Heroes of the Storm – has been whittled down to 64 teams, and if you guess the winner of every single match from now then you could be on the receiving end of $1,000,000 (£707,290).

Presuming that this won’t happen, Blizzard is also offering $10,000 (£7,072.60) to the fan that creates a bracket that predicts the most accurate results from here on out.

Heroes of the Dorm

Heroes of the Dorm is now onto the bracket play stage, with the remaining 64 teams now facing off against each other while being live-streamed on Twitch. This section of the competition will run from March 28th to April 19th, leading up to The Heroic Four: a live event for the final four teams to determine the winner.

Adam Rosen, Esports Program Manager, Blizzard told GamesBeat: “Heroes of the Dorm represents the pinnacle of collegiate esports today. It’s a competition where we offer free tuition for the winning team’s college career. Not only are we able to create these great fan experience, where fans across the world can watch their favorite teams and schools play each other, but we have an opportunity for teams to better their lives through something their passionate about, playing games competitively.”

Running since 2015, Heroes of the Dorm gifts all five players on the winning team with tuition for their college careers.

Esports Insider says: This initiative is undoubtedly going to encourage additional engagement from spectators. Even if the odds are astronomical, who wants to pass up on the chance to win so much money?