DreamHack expands partnership with Challengermode to cover all of NA and Europe

09 April 2018


DreamHack and Challengermode have announced a new partnership which will see the companies work together ‘to enhance competitive gaming’, from the grassroots level to top tier esports events around the world and online. 

Robel Efrem, Challengermode

DreamHack and Challengermode have already worked together at DreamHack festivals in Sweden where both companies hail from, but with this announcement they are extending the partnership to cover all of Europe and North America, including DreamHack’s operations within CS:GO,  PUBG, and League of Legends.

Challengermode will be the sole tournament platform used for DreamHack competitions in these three titles, and the companies will ‘actively work together to integrate more games during the partnership’.

Based in Stockholm, Challengermode is a tech company seeking to offer ‘the most accessible competitive gaming experience for professional and non-professional gamers alike’. They work with game developers, brands and tournament organisers, and, to date, have hosted over 16,000 tournaments and counting. 

Michael Van Driel, CPO of DreamHack commented: “We’ve been working with a range of tournament platforms over the years, but we’re excited to work with a more strategic tournament platform partner in Challengermode. Together, DreamHack and Challengermode will offer gamers both at our festivals and online a truly unparallelled experience in competitive gaming.”

Robel Efrem, CEO of Challengermode stated: “We’re super excited about the possibilities this partnership opens up. Dreamhack being one of the world’s best broadcast and event operators within esports, and Challengermode a tech company with one of the world’s most accessible and automated online competitive platforms creates the perfect synergy.

“By making it possible to tie together the grassroots, amateur level competitions with the pro level we’re able to provide an end-to-end solution and truly fulfill our mission of making esports as accessible as regular sports.”

This new arrangement will also see Challengermode become the operating partner of the Nordic Championship. Challengermode will present the competition for the two remaining seasons of 2018, and also be the tournament platform used in all of the competition’s stages.

This partnership will kick off DreamHack PUBG Showdown in Austin, Texas over 1-3rd of June 2018. 

Esports Insider says: This is massive news for Challengermode, and it’s quite clear that DreamHack has benefited from their existing engagements at DH events in Sweden otherwise this expanded deal wouldn’t have been agreed. Best of luck to both parties and we hope it continues to be fruitful.