MAMMOTH Esports acquires Sin Gaming and ROAM esports

MAMMOTH Esports recently announced it’s acquisition of Australian League of Legends team, Sin Gaming along with forming a partnership with ROAM esports. ROAM purchased Sin Gaming in 2016 and while MAMMOTH will re-brand the team, ROAM will still provide managerial support along with incoming recruits.

Credit: Mammoth Esports

President of Mammoth Esports EnterprisesDion Appel has an extensive background in marketing and has been exploring esports investments since 2017: “Talent was at the heart of my time in extreme sports and remains central in our decision to invest in an esports team. We are in for the long term and look forward to working with RIOT and contributing to this awesome industry’s growth.”

“We’re thrilled with our partnership with Dion Appel and his team to build MAMMOTH and also with the continued opportunity of working with a roster of players and staff that we have an incredible history and relationship with.” Said Ahilleas Papantos, Director from ROAM Esports. “Sin Gaming did the impossible, proving many wrong time & time again, now MAMMOTH is here to win.”

While Oceania is somewhat of a minor region, this is a major addition to the Australian organization. Sin Gaming took third place in the 2017 OPL Split 1 Playoffs along with being invited to the 2017 Rift Rivals series as the OPL representatives and recently finished 6th in Split 1 of the OPL 2018.

Daniel Ringland, Head of Esports at Riot Games Oceania added a comment about the acquisition: “It’s great to see another powerhouse consortium enter the OPL. A league is only as strong as the teams that compete in it which is why we’re excited to see the spirit of Sin evolve into Mammoth”.

Esports Insider says: This looks like great news for Sin Gaming and ROAM esports as the Mammoth team will certainly bring with their marketing experience. The Sin Gaming team has put up promising results but we’ll have to see if this acquisition can put the team over the edge.