PVP.ME integrates blockchain-based payment platform Nano

Note: A previous edition of this detailed that this was a partnership agreement between the two companies.  In fact PVP.me has integrated Nano technology.

PVP.ME, the person-to-person betting exchange, has announced that it has integrated Nano, a ‘low-latency payment platform’. We are told that this news means that PVP.ME users can exchange faster and will be offered a reduction in fees due to the nature of the Nano platform.

This new arrangement will see PVP.ME enter the blockchain space, using the Nano ‘Block-lattice’ technology. The technology is said to remove the waiting time on micro-transactions that PVP.ME handles due to the nature of their P2P betting exchange model. PVP.ME users won’t pay a fee on their transactions, which they say should lead to better odds across the site, whilst the increased speed is intended to lead to users seeing less downtime on receiving their winnings.

Yurk Kolesnik, CEO, PVP.ME, had this to say about the news: “Today is a really important step for PVP.ME as we enter the blockchain space, in this case, we are adopting a newer technology called block-lattice that allows us to improve the experience of our products. With Nano, users can send & receive funds instantly without any transaction fee.”

He continued “With traditional blockchain, users have to wait a few minutes or hours if the bitcoin network is saturated, at its core it is a good way to keep a ledger but it is outdated for any kind of micro-transactions. We are committed to this technology and currently working for its full integration in our platform.”

Troy Retzer, Communication & PR, Nano, added: “Nano is designed to offer instantaneous transactions with zero fees, allowing high-throughput systems to function in real time while incorporating unique, block-lattice technology. The Nano team is excited that PVP.ME has chosen to integrate Nano into their platform and we look forward to seeing how they utilize the technology.”

Esports Insider says: By the sound of things, PVP.ME users look set to have a better site experience overall once the system is fully integrated. We’ll have to wait and see however whether this arrangement with Nano can deliver customers what they have claimed that it will. PVP.ME also have a focus on Twitch, and faster transactions here will be a big help if they wish to push this feature further in the future.