ESI Job Picks – Find the job for you in esports – June Edition

How do you land that dream job in esports? With the industry growing at an almost alarming rate, there are more roles emerging all the time with more talent across the board required to sustain and continue this growth.

This is where we come in. Each month we will look through a selection of our favourite current jobs over on Hitmarker and share them with you, our readers, in the hope of landing you a career in our wonderful industry.

Riot Games – Berlin, Germany – Esports Broadcast Observer – Part-time

Latin America League of Legends

Like League of Legends? Check. Could see yourself based in Berlin and working for Riot Games? Check. But what exactly is the role of an esports observer? 

The job has a number of requirements, from needing to work independently, coordinate with editors to capture key moments and keeping up to date with League of Legends changing meta as well as being a keen player yourself. The job role also requires a sample of your observing skills to go along with your application.

You can apply for this job here.

Belong by Game – Basingstoke, UK – Esports Partnership Manager – Full-time

Belong is the LAN event hub of GAME, the UK video game retailer which has arenas all over the country, from Gateshead to York and Norwich to Portsmouth. The Basingstoke branch is the one we want to focus on today and their current need for an Esports Partnership Manager.

The job will require you to hit sales targets, present new products to partners and consult on trends within esports, among other things. The job requires strong financial acumen and presentation skills with a strong interest in esports of course required.

This is a great platform to start an esports career, with the job having fairly entry-level requirements and offering a huge possibility to take the skills with you on future roles.

You can apply for this job here.

Auzom – Remote – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds League Admin – Volunteer

ESP Gaming Auzom

Auzom, an online tournament organiser who was recently acquired by ESP Gaming, are looking to expand their admin team across EU, NA and OCE.

Auzom is looking for admins who can remain impartial, communicate clearly, be logical and self-motivated. This entry-level job is ideal for anyone who wants to become an admin within esports, especially if they have a keen eye for PUBG.

Entry level jobs are key in esports right now, it is how most people get there start. The jobs are available across multiple regions which opens the role up to more applicants. 

You can apply for the job in your region here – EU, NA, OCE.

Nevaly – Berlin, Germany – Gaming Influencer Manager – Full-time

Influencers are a massive part of gaming and esports, they are one of the biggest marketing tactics for companies to sell their product and they have a large influence on their audience. Someone needs to manage these folks, however, which is where you come in.

Nevaly is looking for someone with 2+ years experience in management of artists, influencers, celebrities or athletes. A strong knowledge of online platforms such as Twitch, knowing the next big trends, marketing and fluent in English plus either French or German.

The job certainly has some requirements and it is a very specialist role, but it’s an important job in our changing industry so we wanted to highlight it to one of our lucky readers.

You can apply for this job here.

Gearbox Software – Frisco (Texas), United States – Esports / Events Program Manager – Full-time

This is a job that jumped right off the monitor, not because of the role itself but the company – Gearbox Software have dabbled with esports in the past. Sadly though, their MOBA-shooter hybrid Battleborn, was dead on arrival with Overwatch being released just weeks after.

This job could point to a rumour from 2017 about a 1v1 shooter-meets-card game title called Project 1v1. With E3 just a week away it could be the reason.

The role itself requires 3+ years of experience in the gaming/esports industry, extensive esports knowledge, project management experience, with an acute attention to detail and strong business acumen and a bachelor degree or equivalent work experience. If this sounds up your street, then you know what to do…

You can apply for this job here.


That wraps up this month’s list, check back in the first week of July for another set of amazing esports jobs and/or head over to