Seoul Dynasty partners with pH-1, DaviDior for theme song

Seoul Dynasty, the Overwatch League franchise owned by the newly-rebranded Gen.G Esports, has partnered with Korean-American musicians pH-1 and DaviDior to create a theme song.

The song, titled “82” after the calling code of Korea, will be debuted when Seoul Dynasty walk out on June 8th to play Philadelphia Fusion.

Seoul Dynasty

Arnold Hur, Chief Growth Officer of Seoul Dynasty stated: “pH-1 and DaviDior are both incredible musicians, and when we learned that they were fans of our Seoul Dynasty team, we knew we had to work together to make something great happen. We took a lot of feedback from our team about what kind of music they liked and worked closely with both pH-1 and DaviDior to put together something that our fans around the world could get excited about.”

pH-1 added: “As a Korean-American living in Seoul, there was no question about hopping on this project to support the Seoul Dynasty. I wanted to represent my city and contribute what I can to the team with my music. I wanted a track with tremendous energy because I know how much influence music can have on team morale.”

While this isn’t an ongoing partnership, it’s the second of any kind for the Overwatch team. Seoul Dynasty is currently partnered with Netgear, a deal that sees its players wear jerseys that clearly display the networking company’s logo.

Kim “Fleta” Byung, player for Seoul Dynasty also commented: “Listening to the walk-on song is like a shot of adrenaline through the body. The track gets us pumped to play, but also keeps us focused and reminds us of our heritage and drive to make our fans proud.”

Esports Insider says: This is definitely a unique partnership throughout all of esports, never mind in Overwatch. We haven’t heard the track as of yet, but the descriptions make it sound as if it’ll fit in nicely with the League and the team.