Shadow release Holo-Engine 3D match review feature for CS:GO

20 September 2018


Esports analytics platform, Shadow, has added a major update to its client for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Demos have been available to analyze outside of the game client in a web browser, but only in 2D. With the Holo-Engine feature, games will now be viewable in 3D, opening up more accessibility to review matches.


Currently, if players want to review matches in 3D they must load a demo file in-game and navigate to a specific section. The Holo-Engine addition to Shadow will create the same simulation.

Chris Schetter, General Manager of Counter-Strike Tools, told Esports Insider that pro players loved the 2D tool but they still needed the capabilities to see certain aspects that weren’t available: “The one piece of feedback we kept getting is that there were instances where they still had to load the demo up in-game because they really needed to see what this player is looking at or what specific angle they’re holding and get their point of view. We were able to eliminate a lot of the need to load up demos in game but there were still some there.”

A lot of top teams in CS:GO have been using the tool already when practising and reviewing games. MiBR player and Founder of Games Academy, Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo said he uses the tools to educate users and improve his own play: “Shadow is the most efficient tool to help break down the strategy of CS:GO professional matches. I use it to study my opponents, think up new strategy for my team, and review previous matches. Even though it is a very powerful tool, it is easy to use. It even helps to create educational content for beginners, amateurs, and professional CS:GO players.”

Shadow also provides analytics in Dota 2 and League of Legends and most recently announced a partnership with Battlefy to provide analytics for LoL’s collegiate season.

Esports Insider says: To be the best you have to analyze every single aspect of every game you play. The 2D tool from Shadow certainly gave accessibility to pro players to break down gameplay and it seems like the missing piece has been added. With a game like Counter-Strike, where every pixel of your placement is important, the addition of the 3D tool is a necessary evolution for gameplay analytics.