GINX Esports TV, WUGS partner for NBA 2K NZ Masters

01 October 2018


GINX Esports TV has partnered with the Waikato United Gaming Society (WUGS) to host an online NBA 2K tournament for competitors in New Zealand.

The competition is called the GINX Esports TV NBA 2K19 NZ Masters and will involve 1v1 brackets for players on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. WUGS is a New Zealand-based tournament organiser that hosts tournaments in both LAN and online settings.


The GINX Esports TV NBA 2K19 NZ Masters is set to take place on Sunday, October 7th and has a prize pool of $150 (£115.05). The first place player on Xbox will win $50 (£38.35), the same reward will go to the first place finisher on PlayStation 4, and the remaining $50 (£38.35) will go to four highlights winners.

Tom Featonby, President of WUGS discussed the partnership with Esports Kingdom: “We are excited and humbled by the support given by GINX Esports TV to run this tournament. This is just the beginning for WUGS in esports.”

GINX Esports TV has made plenty of moves recently, but more related to coverage on its television channel. Towards the end of September, it was announced that it has partnered with the BLAST Pro Series to air its CS:GO tournament in Istanbul. Earlier in the month, it brought in Caleb Fox as its SVP of Global Multiplatform Development.

Esports Insider says: While the tournament isn’t huge in scale, GINX Esports TV attaching its name to it may help and it’s in a region that doesn’t receive the same amount of opportunities as the likes of North America and Asia. With that in mind, this is a positive move as far as we’re concerned; grassroot esports is essential in developing talent for the future.

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