Former WWE & MLB executive joins ESL as SVP of Global Media

16 November 2018


Earlier this week, global esports organisation, ESL, welcomed Frank Uddo as the company’s Senior Vice President (SVP) of Global Media – a new position within the company. 

Foregoing this role at ESL, Uddo has held similar posts at companies such as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Major League Baseball (MLB) and Fox Sports International, leading a number of media growth efforts. Frank’s role and objectives as SVP of Global Media will be similar to previous positions held in the traditional sport trade; spearheading ESL’s media rights efforts and overseeing partnerships with various media outlets and streaming platforms as a focal point.

“Frank has an impressive background in both traditional sports and media rights distribution, and will be able to use this knowledge to reach and serve our fans as well as for monetization,” said David Neichel, Co-Chief Executive Officer, ESL. “As the industry continues to further professionalize, media partnerships are becoming a crucial brick of the ecosystem. We want to meld the best from the world of traditional sports while further developing what makes esports so special and engaging for our huge and fast-growing global audience.”

Uddo has had a heavy hand in increasing media revenue growth and viewership throughout his career. With 20 years of experience in traditional and digital media distribution in different leadership capacities, the new hire is looking to underpin the bulk of ESL’s media dispersal.

“As esports continues to further professionalise, partnerships around media distribution will be key in delivering the best viewing experience to fans globally. At ESL, we want bring best practices from traditional sports into this emerging space.” Uddo told ESI exclusively. “By leveraging my experience in media rights and distribution from the traditional sports world, I hope to elevate ESL’s streaming and broadcast initiatives moving forward.”

Esports pose a unique and constantly developing challenge for those trying to steer the rapidly-ballooning industry towards a healthy, stable and global position; the drafting of traditional sport leadership experience has become somewhat of a common theme in hopes of a bright future for the cyber sport. While we can see traces of overlap between the two, there is no mistaking the clear differences and the need to foster a distinct ecosystem for esports – a challenge Uddo welcomes.

“My experience has primarily been with mature, long-standing industries that have more established business practices, while esports is much more fluid and is constantly evolving. Uddo says. “Since the space is still very young, there is constant room for growth, which is really exciting”

Esports Insider says: Traditional sports executives are a desirable asset for esports companies looking to further professionalise their business. It’s clear that Frank Uddo has a plethora of experience in very relevant areas to esports as the industry continues to grow and is a good fit for ESL as they look to continue their expansion.