Limit partners with GNC for Battle for Azeroth raid progress

North American World of Warcraft raiding guild, Limit has announced a partnership with supplement company GNC. As part of the deal, GNC will provide Limit members with their range of products for at least the remainder of the Battle for Azeroth raid tier.

The deal will also see Casey Nickell, GNC Franchise Owner join Limit as the teams Nutritional Advisor.

Max Smith, Limit Guild Master and Raid Leader, had this to say: “During our progress through Uldir, our raiders were so pumped to be doing as well as we were, that adrenaline took over where poor nutrition was lacking.  We had raiders who were not eating and not sleeping, and ultimately burning out when we needed our team to be at its best. When we saw the opportunity to work with GNC to help aid us with that problem going into Battle of Dazar’alor, it seemed like the perfect fit.”

This is not Limit’s first partnership, earlier in November, they announced partnerships with HeroesHearth and Bloody Gaming. The team also recently announced the promotion of their Social Media staffer ‘Azorea’ to her new role as General Manager.

Casey Nickell, GNC Innovation Council Member and Franchise Owner, added: “At GNC our goals has always been to help with everyone’s fitness goals, lifestyles, and nutritional needs. We are driven every day to make an impact on people’s lives in the best way. Limit Guild strives to be the best with their quality of play, community efforts, and are determined to not only be the best but to FEEL their best, online and offline! That is where GNC comes in, and we will be providing all of what Limit Guild needs to get to the next level! This partnership is designed to show people that you can play at a high level online, but you can also be at your best when you’re not, with the help of GNC’s top quality supplements to aid you in everyday life.”

Esports Insider will have a full interview with Limit in the near future about their recent moves into esports and sponsorships.

Esports Insider says: Limit has quickly risen in the ranks of WoW raiding, the most recent raiding tier brought them closer than ever, and while they fell at the final hurdle, the team seem more than focused to claim world first in the near future. The teams expansion into WoW Arena and MDI is further proof that the guild is looking to expand.