Dustin Sweeney on designing esports facilities with HKS | ESI Focus #7

28 September 2020


The latest instalment within the current focus on esports facilities sees Dustin Sweeney, Senior Designer at HKS, join Adam Fitch on the seventh episode of ESI Focus.

Sweeney is a senior designer at HKS, an international design firm of more than 1400 architects, interior designers, urban designers, scientists, artists, anthropologists and more.

With direct involvement in Team Vitality’s V.Hive facility in France, Sweeney breaks down the approach to the facility and how it manages to incorporate the local community into its ethos.

On ESI Focus #7, Sweeney and Fitch also discuss the demands of facilities in esports, why this particular industry is of interest to HKS, and what’s to come.

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In the first episode of the facility focus, Fitch was joined by Complexity Gaming’s CEO Jason Lake to discuss the GameStop Performance Center in Frisco, Texas. The next episode saw Sundance DiGiovanni explain Vindex’s purchase of Belong Gaming Arenas.

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