Michael Heina named Shikenso Analytics Chief Commercial Officer

06 October 2022


Image credit: Shikenso Analytics

Data and analytics company Shikenso Analytics has appointed Michael Heina as its new Chief Commercial Officer.

Heina will be responsible for making sure Shikenso achieves long-term business goals, and will also be tasked with leading the business development unit for the company. He will also work on further improving the professional development of Shikenso staff.

Heina is a known name in the world of data analytics and esports. Prior to joining Shikenso, he worked at YouGov as the company’s International Sector Director for Esports and Gaming. Heina was focused on the UK, EMEA and APAC regions during his time at YouGov.

He was also a key figure for Nielsen prior to joining YouGov, where he held the title of Head of Esports International for EMEA, APAC and LATAM regions. Heina’s experience in working for data companies that have an esports presence makes him an excellent hire for Shikenso, a company whose core business is esports data.

Shikenso has had a very fruitful 2022, and will definitely aim to continue this upward swing in 2023. The company secured and extended an impressive number of large partnerships during the year, including the likes of Berlin International Gaming, Eintracht Spandau and EXCEL Esports. Shikenso is also a partner for tournament organisers BLAST Premier and PGL.

Arwin Fallah Shirazi, CEO of Shikenso, commented: “In a very short time, we have managed to more than double our client base, while continuously developing and enhancing our product with innovative approaches.

“Michael Heina is the perfect addition to further intensify this trend. He brings an immense amount of experience that will help us consolidate our commercial goals in the future.”

Ivan Šimić
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