TSM partners with blockchain company Avalanche

(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Avalanche / TSM

North American esports organisation TSM has secured a partnership with blockchain platform Avalanche for TSM’s competitive gaming platform Blitz.

The major partnership will see Blitz use Core, Avalanche’s payment system, to power all user payments.

The partnership includes both the overarching TSM brand, as well as its sub-brand Blitz, which will also benefit from the connection to blockchain. As a result, TSM and Avalanche will work together on activations for fans, players, and creators.

Blitz will get its own Subnet on the Avalanche blockchain, meaning that TSM will essentially get a custom blockchain to facilitate its needs. The two companies announced that TSM will host tournaments on the Blitz Subnet, and also create ‘Blitz Arenas’ that will offer prizes for players competing in them.

Avalanche will become the official blockchain partner for TSM going forwards, but the two parties did not disclose financial details.

A previous TSM partner within the blockchain space was FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange that notably signed a naming rights deal in 2021. However, after a myriad of controversies from the cryptocurrency company, TSM suspended and later cancelled its deal with FTX in 2022.

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Andy Dinh, founder and CEO of TSM and Blitz, commented on the partnership: “They are an authentic leader in this space, and together we share a long-term vision of building products that are authentic and beneficial to our community.” 

“The partnership comes at a key time for Avalanche gaming. With Avalanche’s many popular live games and anticipated titles coming from top publishers, Avalanche has emerged as the leader for game developers and players.”

Ivan Šimić
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