Ultra and CLD Distribution launch ‘next-generation’ esports platform

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Image credit: Ultra

Blockchain-powered games distribution platform Ultra has partnered with gaming distributor CLD Distribution to launch Ultra Arena, a ‘next-generation’ esports and tournament platform tailored to cater to gamers of varying skill levels.

Ultra Arena will be globally launched on August 8th after a series of successful closed beta tournaments, it said.

By integrating directly within Ultra’s ecosystem of PC gaming apps, it eliminates the need for players to rely on multiple third-party websites and Discord servers. The platform will also serve as an intuitive hub for tournament organisation, prizes and rewards.

In addition, Ultra Arena aims to provide opportunities for publishers, esports organisations and gaming brands to further connect with their audiences. For instance, the companies will be able to engage in tournament sponsorships, custom branding and create exclusive tournaments. The press release also states that Ultra Arena provides more chances to recruit emerging esports talents.

The launch of Ultra Arena follows the public launch of Ultra’s PC games store, Ultra Games, in April. Tournaments can be held on Ultra Arena for any suitable gaming title, regardless of its availability on Ultra Games.

Nicolas Gilot, Co-CEO of Ultra, commented on the company’s new endeavour: “By offering a convenient and user-friendly hub within the wider Ultra ecosystem, we’re making it easier for players of all skill levels to access tournaments whilst providing unparalleled opportunities for esports and gaming brands to engage their fans and communities.”

Founded in 2017, Ultra is creating a PC game publishing platform and marketplace. The company has partnered with popular esports and gaming companies like Ubisoft, Atari, Aether Games, and dFuse, amongst others.

On the other hand, CLD Distribution, established in 1998, is a notbale game distribution company in the BENELUX region. Its brand portfolio includes Dragon War, HORI, Steelseries, Seagate and licenses from Bethesda games, Microsoft products, and Tecmo Games.

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