Esports audio brand EPOS Gaming shuts down

04 September 2023


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EPOS Gaming, the gaming division of Danish enterprise audio solutions company EPOS, has let go of its staff and shut down.

EPOS Gaming Director of Product Management, Troels Rasmussen, and Global Partnership Specialist, Jacob Grandahl Jørgensen, both shared the news through their social media profiles, citing the market situation as a reason for the closure.

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EPOS Gaming is a gaming division of EPOS, an audio brand that produces a variety of audio equipment.

Although officially launched in 2020, EPOS was formerly known as Sennheiser Communications, a joint venture between audio brand Sennheiser and hearing aid brand Demant. After the joint venture ceased to exist, EPOS was created as a standalone brand in the Demant roster of companies.

Although known in the gaming and esports industries as a primarily gaming headset brand, EPOS has a strong presence in the enterprise sector, manufacturing conference equipment, video conferencing tools and even equipment for air traffic controllers.

In esports and gaming, the brand is most known for its gaming headsets that were notably featured on stage at several esports tournament events. EPOS Gaming was a partner for BLAST, with whom the company announced a two-year partnership renewal in early 2022. Esports brands Heroic, PSG.LGD, Sprout and Aston Martin F1 Team have all partnered with EPOS Gaming at some point in time.

Unfortunately, EPOS Gaming will no longer function as a company, with Rasmussen noting that he is “dissapointed that EPOS Gaming didn’t get to fully execute its strategy”, adding that another year would have made a huge difference for both the segment and the company.

On the other hand, Jørgensen said that the current market situation has been difficult, and with no indication of change, the decision to close EPOS Gaming was made.

“I am sad that it ended before we were able to achieve what we set out for, and truly believe that the team could have made a huge impact with what was planned,” wrote Jørgensen. “Unfortunately the current market situation since COVID has been incredibly difficult, and with no indications that a change is coming in the short term, a tough decision was made.”

The brand will be remembered for its innovation, design and legacy in the esports industry, with the company placing an emphasis on high-end peripherals tailored to top-tier professional play.

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