Ninja Labs and Vivior launch 4SIGHT wellness platform

19 September 2023


Vivior / 4SIGHT
Image credit: Vivior / 4SIGHT

GameSquare-owned Ninja Labs has partnered with Swiss digital health startup Vivior to launch 4SIGHT, a new platform focused on wellness in gaming.

The platform will allow users to integrate their wellness wearable devices and offers rewards to those who maintain ‘active and healthy lifestyles’.

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The partnership is the first for Ninja Labs, a division of GameSquare founded earlier this year and fronted by well-known streamer and content creator Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, GameSquare’s Chief Innovation Officer. The platform was first teased in early July, but today marks the official launch of the new brand.

The 4SIGHT platform is part of a major, multi-million dollar deal between Vivior and GameSquare announced in early June 2023, which aimed to help grow both brands in the gaming sphere. Vivior, a health and technology startup, produces hardware sensors that attach to glasses and records the potential sources of eye strain. The data gathered can be used by optometrists and users themselves to improve their habits. Vivior closed a ‘multi-million’ dollar financing round in 2018.

The platform will host a number of challenges for gamers, with the first one starting in September. Each challenge will consist of missions that will, in turn, reward prizes ranging from gaming accessories, in-game rewards and cash prizes. The grand prize will be two Honda vehicles that will be awarded to participants in the future.

It is not clear whether only owners of the Vivior wearable devices will be able to participate in the challenges. The Ninja Labs website offers signups for early access.

Michael Mrochen, Founder of Vivior, commented: “There is a pressing need to improve and manage our relationship with technology to ensure it doesn’t negatively impact our society’s wellness and health.

“We are introducing cutting-edge technology to assist gamers, who are among those with the greatest need, and we plan to expand our reach across various sectors of society. Billions of individuals struggle with the consequences of poorly managed technology use. We aim to create a safer, healthier way to game, ultimately improving gamers’ wellness and performance.”

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