Team Vitality, Ben and Jerrys, Magnum launch Rocket League showmatch

Team Vitality, Magnum and Ben and Jerrys
Image credit: Team Vitality

French esports organisation Team Vitality has joined forces with Unilever ice cream brands Ben and Jerry’s and Magnum to host a Rocket League event.

Called The Frozen All Stars, the fan event will feature showmatches involving the organisation’s Rocket League roster.

Taking place on December 15th, the Frozen All Stars event will see Team Vitality’s Rocket League team and other professional players take part in a range of matches. This includes one where the teams are decided through social media polls. The final match of the event will see Team Vitality play against the international players in attendance.

In addition to the online involvement, Team Vitality will open its V.Hive facility for fans to watch the event and take part in prize giveaways. In collaboration with Ben and Jerry’s and Magnum, the facility will be decorated in the colours of each brand.

The Frozen All Stars event marks Ben and Jerry’s first foray into the esports industry by partnering with Team Vitality. Elsewhere, the organisation continues to expand its partnership portfolio after securing a deal with skin trading platform Tradeit in October 2023.

This is the second notable brand-focused showmatch that Team Vitality has been a part of this year. In June, GG.Bet announced a similar event with Team Vitality and NAVI. Moreover, the French organisation launched a fan activation event on a boat in May.

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Magnum is no stranger to esports. In September 2021, the ice cream brand partnered with esports tournament organiser BLAST Premier. In the same year, the brand also secured a deal with LVP Superliga League of Legends.

Nicolas Maurer, CEO of Team Vitality, spoke on the event: “The Frozen All Stars is a brilliant example of Team Vitality’s commitment to creating thrilling events focused on putting its fans at the forefront of esports entertainment. 

“With the help of Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum, this event showcases the incredible talent of Team Vitality’s current RLCS World champions and Rocket League All Star legends and unites its players and fans through the shared enjoyment of epic plays and frozen desserts – fostering inclusion within the community.”

Jonno Nicholson
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