Streams Charts launches influencer marketing agency MIRAI

24 January 2024


Streamcharts launch new influencer marketing agency MIRAI
Image Credit: Stream Charts

Live-streaming analytics platform Streams Charts has launched influencer marketing and advertising agency MIRAI.

The agency will look to offer creator partner programmes, consulting services, market insights and analysis, as well as end-to-end campaign management.

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By working with brands across the globe, MIRAI is looking to strengthen its position in the digital content creation industry. With the new venture, MIRAI aims to drive success in the creator economy by fostering collaborations between content creators and brands.

Additionally, MIRAI will look to help companies when it comes to talent recruiting while also providing unique reporting tools for promotional campaigns.

According to the announcement, the expansion marks a significant step in Streams Charts’ development and growth. Prior to the launch of MIRAI, the company noted that it has previously collaborated with major international brands including the likes of HyperX, Monster Energy, Secretlab, and many others.

Nazar Babenko, Product Manager at Streams Charts, commented on the launch: “We noticed that marketing stakeholders don’t always take the suitable approach to influencer marketing analysis. The key way to improve campaign effectiveness remains underutilised.

“We’ve created a performance-focused influencer marketing agency to cover the full cycle of bringing brands to streamer communities.”

Streams Charts has been one of the leading analytics platforms when it comes to the streaming market. Its extensive database provides details and insights about all channels on the most popular broadcasting platforms.

The company also has an ad-hoc tool for its esports segment, Esports Charts, which collects all relevant data from esports competitions across the world. Last year, Esports Charts announced a new service that will provide statistics on Chinese live-streaming platforms, DoHuya, analysing data from Chinese streaming sites DouYu and Huya, two of the largest streaming platforms in the country.

Davide Xu