Cambridge Sleep Sciences and Achieveminds partner for esports sleep research

Cambridge Sleep Sciences and Achieveminds partner for esports sleep research
Image credit: Cambridge Sleep Sciences / Achieveminds

Sleep research and technology company Cambridge Sleep Sciences has partnered with esports performance agency Achieveminds for a sleep-focused research project.

The goal of the partnership is to work with esports players and talent to discover how improved sleep can affect performance and recovery.

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Cambridge Sleep Sciences is a UK-based company that produces smart devices that improve sleep quality. Its SleepEngine technology, which produces sounds that improve one’s sleep quality, will be the focus of the partnership with Achieveminds. The sounds emulate the brain waves during sleep and help achieve a quality rest.

The partnership will see esports players represented by Achieveminds participate in a sleep trial, during which they will use a smart pillow which features the mentioned SleepEngine tech built-in. The device will then track sleep quality of players, hopefully improving their sleep and thus also improving their performance and recovery while awake.

Fabian Broich, Owner of Achieveminds Agency, commented on the collaboration: “We are always looking for tools that can improve life in simple ways, such as changing a piece of equipment or adding a supplement, rather than requiring major lifestyle changes.

“During competitions, there isn’t time for significant lifestyle adjustments, which can be stressful even if beneficial. Something as straightforward as upgrading a pillow to improve sleep can be incredibly effective, given that sleep, besides playing, takes up about eight hours of an athlete’s day.”

Achieveminds is no stranger to partnerships that focus on exploring different ways of improving performance. The agency partnered with Iceland-based fish oil supplement brand Dropi and supplement brand AM SPORT in the past. The agency also worked with Talent Pathway iD, an AI company that provides data and performance metrics for esports players.

Achieveminds has worked with a large number of esports brands in the past, including EXCEL ESPORTS, Astralis, BIG and Schalke.

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