BITKRAFT Esports Ventures makes first move and invests in Tier One Entertainment

BITKRAFT Esports Venture, the esports specific VC fund set up by Jens Hilgers last week made its first investment. The fund has chosen to invest in Tier One Entertainment, gaming and esports talent agency launched by cosplayer Alodia Gosienfiao and esports veteran Tryke Gutierrez. 

Credit: Tier One Entertainment

Tier One Entertainment aims to develop gaming talents in Southeast Asia, with particular focus on shoutcasters, streamers and professional teams in the region. It also hopes to enable brands to work with top esports influencers thus allowing them to reach the millennial audience. The investment received will go towards equipment for production, as well as expanding the team and building a studio for talents. 

“We are fortunate that BITKRAFT has shown faith in the region,” commented Tier One Co-Founder, Tryke Gutierrez. “We have always believed that Southeast Asia has what it takes to take off in the international arena. With BITKRAFT on our side, the investment will fast track our plans.”

Alodia Gosiengfiao added, “There are still limited opportunities in the esports and gaming world, particularly in the Philippines. With BITKRAFT’s investment, we now have the power to create real careers in the esports industry by investing in talented people and supporting their growth.”

“South East Asia is the fastest growing esports market and we feel that Tryke, Alodia and their team are outstanding entrepreneurs with great passion and undisputable esports experience. We are proud to support the Tier One team,” said Jens Hilgers.

The South East Asian region is home to some of the most fanatic esports followers around. Having seen the raucous reception esports players and talent receive in the likes of the Philippines, there’s definitely huge space to grow there. Tier One look well placed to help foster that growth.

Esports Insider says: BITKRAFT Ventures showing they mean business with an investment already taking them into South East Asia. On paper this seems like a great fit, and we’re looking forward to seeing how the capital injection is to be used by Tier One.