Tencent’s Arena of Valor launches in Europe

11 August 2017


One of the most popular mobile MOBAs is now available to those in Europe. Arena of Valor the hit title from Tencent’s division Proxima Beta can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store

Arena of Valor, also known as Honour of Kings in China, offers ‘challenging 5v5 MOBA play’ on mobile and it’s already proven a notable success in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. It’s the first title to lead the download charts of both the Google Play Store and the App Store for several months. It spawned a well-established esports community quick suit too, and despite having only been on the market for a year a number of tournaments have taken place and more are set to. The King Pro League in China is in its second season and if they can replicate this popularity in the West they’ll be onto a very good thing. 

The developers of Arena of Valor will be hoping it can mirror and exceed the esports success story of Vainglory which, in the past year, has seen teams including Echo Fox, Misfits, Cloud9, SK Gaming, Team SoloMid, NRG and Fnatic.

An informative article on Red Bull also explained why all should sit up and take notice of this game’s arrival on European and North American shores. It’s the most profitable mobile game in the world and it has 55 million players in China alone. 

The best part however: Arena of Valor is all about a gamers’ skill. The developers at Tencent aimed to create a MOBA in which the prowess on the battlefield will decide the outcome of a game, instead of the amount of money invested. Thus the majority of available heroes are unlockable via in-game currency, to be earned by playing the game and completing quests.

Esports Insider says: A soundtrack by Hans Zimmer and 55 million players in China, this one has some potential. This’ll be a big test for Vainglory too in its dominant mobile MOBA position in the West to date, and the reception and success of Arena of Valor will say a lot of mobile esports’ potential more widely.