Naviworks introduces new VR game Battle X: Birth of the Alliance

25 September 2018


This is a sponsored piece from Naviworks

Virtual reality arcades popped off around the world in the early 90s, people had access for the first time to these revolutionary machines. Players could dive into these new worlds and forget about reality for a while.

28 years later, VR technology went from massive machines to a portable size. Game developers are investing in the future of gaming and these new titles already entered millions of homes. Players are no longer confined to their chairs, now they are an active part of the universe.

When it comes to VR games, good graphics are not enough to catch the attention of a demanding audience. Naviworks understands that a captivating story and an immersive game-play is the key to the best VR experience.

Birth of a new era

Naviworks is not your average game developer. For over 17 years, this company based in the USA and South Korea has created a virtual training system for military use. The simulators create immersive experiences for soldiers with real-life scenarios.

Angela Park, Global Marketing Director at Naviworks said: “We started as a military training contractor and continue to do so. We found that many of our developers were also gamers and knew how to structure a playable game.”

In 2018, the Naviworks team are taking all their experience and launching Battle X: Birth of the Alliance, a first-person shooter. Based on real military training simulations, it promises to be one of the best VR games of the year.

Get ready for the battle 

In a world where DNA is the most important weapon, a group of scientist made a discovery that could change the course of history. Known as bio-hacking, this practice could erase all diseases from existence or kill millions in a second.

Dr. Daniela Abadi, a scientist who defected from war-torn Syria is responsible for one of the biggest discoveries of the century. With help from MODERN Bio Tech, Abadi has the potential to create super soldiers.

This technology has fallen in the wrong hands, and now the World Protection League must retrieve it at all costs.

Tim Shiner and Susan O’Connor created a unique political and scientific script for Battle X: Birth of the Alliance. The game includes elements and references taken from modern events.

This is not a story you can simply skip; the details will make players want to go through the game several times. The best part is, every time they will find something new. Battle X: Birth of the Alliance is more than a shooter, the twists and turns in the story are enough to keep players hooked. Actor Casper Van Dien is bringing to life Markus, the protagonist.

The game includes three different modes, single player, duos and PVP or 8-versus-8.

Characters from Battle X: Birth of the Alliance

Grounded in reality 

Video games take players to a different universe, but Naviworks understands that VR works better when grounded in real life.

Battle X: Birth of the Alliance’s gameplay emulates the best military training simulations. True to real-life situations, players can run out of ammunition. The situations require more than mechanical skills, in the end, the most inventive and resourceful player can take the match.

About the reality elements in the story, Park said: “As with our military training programs, Virtual Reality works best when the player is grounded in real life.  This helps create a believable and totally immersive world where one can truly forget he is in a game. The total immersion of the player is absolutely necessary in creating a successful VR game.”

Jungle scenario in Battle X: Birth of the Alliance

Getting competitive

2018 has been a remarkable year for esports and Naviworks is looking to join the industry.

About the potential of an esports competition, Angela Park said: “We definitely have plans for the esports arena!  With our 8v8 PVP maps, how can there not be? We believe in friendly competition.”

The 8-versus-8 mode is ideal for a competitive league but do not take Naviworks’ word for it. Several esports aficionados already tried it in an exhibition tournament at the gaming festival Insomnia63 at the NEC Birmingham in August 2018.

VR esports tournaments are a reality and stand out from other esports thanks to the physicality. In Battle X: Birth of the Alliance players are expected to peer around walls, duck behind objects and kneel to regenerate health. These interactions make for an attractive show to enjoy as a spectator.

Laboratory in Battle X: Birth of the Alliance

A unique cause

Naviworks does not forget its past either and is committed to giving back to the military. The company is partnering up with US and UK charity, This charity is changing the deployment experience for soldiers around the world and providing care packages with video games goods.

About the charity, Park said: “We have worked with the military closely and respect them so much we have even included as our official US & UK charity in which we will donate $1.00 from every US sale to them.”

Players that purchase the game are supporting veterans deployed to combat zones, humanitarian missions, recovery in military hospitals, or even bases stateside.

Park added: “It is this charitable vision that helped us develop the game. The backbone of our company is the military, so we will always be devoted to them.”

Those interested in donating a care package for the veterans can do it through the charity’s site.

The future of reality 

Books and movies have shown a future where humans favour virtual worlds over reality. As technology advances, we are approaching a time where the lines between both realities are blurry.

The future of VR is looking up as developers work to create immersive experiences that emulate the real world. The use of this technology goes beyond entertainment.

Angela Park said: “Training retention when VR is used increases up to 80%, the medical field is testing VR for pain management as well as treatment options for Parkinson’s.”

VR arcades are making a comeback, now players can gather to play with their friends. Not only that, VR is now becoming more of an affordable technology for the average user.

Park added: “The exponential rate of technological development and discovery ensures that the public will see immense leaps as well as affordability taking a key position on where VR will go. The future for VR is only looking up!”

Battle X: Birth of the Alliance is now available on Steam, Viveport, Oculus, and similar online sources.

Esports Insider says: VR technology is changing the gaming industry. This technology enhances the experience, and players are no longer passive. Naviworks has many successful simulators under their name but Battle X: Birth of the Alliance is probably their most ambitious project to date. An exciting addition to the gaming industry, and likely esports down the line.